A Thing or Two About Me

Hi! I’m Grace. I’m a writer, a Senior in high school, and the oldest of four kids. I’m kind of a crazy with college stuff and want to document the next year of the adventures I encounter with my last year at home. Then document my new life as a college student with the things I’m learning and the adventures I have there.
To start off this blog I’m going give you the top 10 things about me that make me, me:

1. Introvert. Major introvert.

2. Writer. I love putting my thoughts into words and it’s way easier than actually saying them out loud.

3. Runner. Kind of. I want to be able to run a 5k in the next couple of months at least.

4. Graphic Design. I want to get a degree in this and create the covers of books.

Graphic Design
5. Clean Freak. Unless it’s my bathroom, that place is just a lost cause.

Clean Freak
6. Cold. I’m always so incredibly cold. I wear winter clothes in the summer.

7. Books. I read all the time with vigor.

books 1
8. Tea Addict. It’s for me what coffee is for most people.

9. List Maker. Because that’s how I remember things.

List Making
10. Jesus lover. My joy comes from the one who loved me enough to die for me.



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