That Time Jesus Decided to Take a Walk… on Water

For this post I’d like to share my favorite Bible story but not in the way one would normally do so. I love to read the Bible but as someone who spent over ten years in private school, I realized that these amazing and miraculously out of the ordinary stories were becoming mundane by the 100th time I heard the same story with the same message.

I had to find a way to make the stories breathe life again in my mind and turning them into short stories did that for me. When I read it in my mind, as if it was dialogue and the speakers weren’t just monotone but had personalities, it made the Bible way easier to read and so much more exciting so… I will share my favorite Bible story which happens to be the story of Jesus walking on water. (This is my imagination, so not all of this is the absolute facts):


Jesus Walks on Water

The waves tossed Peter and the other disciples around in the middle of the lake they were in. Together the twelve of them struggled to stay on course trying to cross the lake. It was dark and cold. Peter could feel the wind burning his face as he worked and wished he could just go back home to his wife and eat her wonderful food. He would be warm too, that was for sure. No matter, he did enjoy his job despite the fallbacks it had. Even if one of those fallbacks was food. 

Peter sighed as a commotion started on the other side of the boat. He turned and looked over to see what was going on as he finished the job he was doing.

There was something in the angry waters. He squinted joining the others. Not something. Someone. 

“IT’S A GHOST,” someone shouted above the sound of the waters and the roaring wind.

Peter squinted harder. The figure–it was so familiar. The men around him were bursting into action trying, with no result, to get the boat to move faster away from the figure walking toward them on the water.

The figure kept walking and it hit him, “JESUS?” Peter called out the name before he could stop himself as the shock settled over him. This wasn’t possible. No. People didn’t walk on water.

The men around him continued to try and get away as the man stopped a little away from the boat.

“DON’T BE AFRAID, IT IS ME, JESUS,” The man called back. The men stilled on the boat, terrified but paying attention.


Without thinking, Peter quickly climbed down the side of the boat with his eyes on Jesus, he stepped onto the water. It felt slippery and bouncy beneath his sandals. The water splashed around his ankles and chilled him more than he already was.

He kept his eyes steady on Jesus and took a step. He faltered expecting to go fully into the water, but somehow and someway he stayed completely up and he found that he was walking… freaking walking on water.

He broke eye contact with Jesus. This was amazing. He began to looked around at the waves. They were crashing hard around him. One barely missed him. Fear pricked Peters heart. What if one was to hit him? The wind pushed him back almost toppling him over. What would happen if it succeeded?

Water rushed around Peter’s waist. He was sinking. Terrified, he cried out looking toward Jesus again, “Lord, save me!”

Jesus reached forward and grabbed his hand immediately pulling him back up and out of the water and toward the boat. They walked back and climbed into the boat.

Looking from Peter and to each disciple’s face he asked a simple yet incredibly difficult question, “Why did you doubt me?” His gaze ended back on Peter as he finished the question.

The moment Jesus’ mouth closed the winds completely died down. The waves stopped rolling. The ship stopped it’s violent rocking.

There was an eerie silence until Andrew finally whispered, “You really are the Son of God.”


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