The Time I Failed at Running


Today, I ran mostly walked two miles. It was the most miserable run I’ve ever done. Generally, yes, I can run a full two miles but this was not the case today. I realized I did a whole lot wrong on my run, so I came up with about 5 things I will never do on a run, after today, because I think I died a little bit today from that run.

  1. Bring my dog for the whole run. My reasoning for this is because the first mile I ran most of the way, but Maddie was more interested in the ditches and mailboxes. She was passing rather than keeping up with me (N0, she was not on a leash because then I’m either dragging her to keep up or she’s dragging me). The second mile, I think the poor thing almost died. At one point she just laid down on the road to take a rest.
  2. Run in the afternoon when it is 90 degrees with 100% humidity. I was so hot that an hour after my run I was still sweating. My face also turned an unnatural shade of red.
  3. Forget my water. Huge mistake. Generally, I need more water then most people due to a medication I’m on. This was the cause of me almost passing out at one point as the sun was beating down on me, and every pore in my body had sweat coming out of it. I’ve learned my lesson.
  4. Remember to breathe. For some reason I kept forgetting to keep my breath steady and to keep breathing from my diaphragm. I received a terrible side-cramp for that.
  5. Wear black. Black is a fatal color if you don’t like the heat radiating off of you. It makes a huge difference to wear lighter colors. Something I did not do today… that said, maybe in the winter when it has significantly cooled down, I will do that.

This was one of the days I hated running especially when it was more of a walk. When I complete the 5K me and my friend are completing next month and all the hard work pays off, I will have the best feeling in the world. So I guess I can’t wait to put those running shoes back on tomorrow and do it again.



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