An Unordinary College Visit…

This fine past weekend I spent driving up with my boyfriend’s parents to his college to see the first home game of the football season there and spend some time seeing the campus. Let me start by saying, it wasn’t as awkward as I initially expected it to be. Despite staying in the tight quarters of their camper during the night and spending an incredible amount of time with them, it really did shock me on how well the weekend went.

Here we are enjoying the football game 🙂FullSizeRender

So, in honor of this past weekend, of the tiring–but fun events I did and enjoyed (also if you are a Senior then I recommend taking a weekend like this in your future)–here is the top ten things I did:

  1. I slept for most of the 3 hour drive to our destination and on the upside 1.) I didn’t have to say a whole lot but, unfortunately, 2.) there was a sleeping picture taken of me. Hence, this photo…IMG_0830
  2. When we got to the camp ground I was put in charge of the dog, that was a bad idea. I wasn’t sure how long they wanted me to walk him so I walked him until he got tired…. but the dog never got tired and it ended in Wesley’s parents searching frantically for me, thinking I was lost. hBqHh1d
  3. That dog has a very powerful voice at 6:00 am. Both Saturday and Sunday my sleep was a little disturbed by this unfortunate quality in the dog. On the bright side, I was not the one who had to let the dog outside.  giphy-2
  4. My boyfriend, Wesley, thought it would be a good idea at one point to “fake” trip me. In the process of this he accidentally actually tripped me. Like fall on my face with people watching, trip me. Needless to say… I smacked him for that. The next morning he somehow accidentally smacked in the face while teasing his mom. Lesson learned… I will always keep a distance between us of about 10 feet in between us. tumblr_mcen4lKgCT1rx8lgjo1_500_zps9a0171b0
  5. I got to visit a satellite location of a mega church. We arrived late but it was definitely different then anything I’ve ever experienced before.
  6. The football game had a way cooler drill team, cheerleaders, and band members than the high school. The drill team and cheerleaders could actually dance… synchronized and the band members could actually make images on the field without me having to guess what they were. anigif_enhanced-buzz-18690-1382983727-15
  7. In North Texas the crickets are horrible awful just terrible. If I go to that college next year, I will find some major cricket repellent or something because the mini heart attack I had when those things landed on me was something I really didn’t enjoy. cricket-o
  8. I got a tour of the campus from the students point of view. I recommend that if you’re going to college, find someone who goes there and have them give you a tour. It gave me a little snapshot of the life I will be experiencing next year.
  9. While touring the college, there was a lot of stairs at the college, I repeatedly asked Wesley if he wouldn’t mind carrying me down them. He repeatedly said no. Finally, I said, “Wes, I believe that the reason you won’t carry me down the stairs is because you can’t actually do it.” Needless to say, he immediately picked me up and carried me down the stairs. Let’s just say, mission accomplished. tumblr_inline_nri23gG2Sk1sz9p5p_500
  10. Finally, I got to hang out with my best friend for most of the weekend, and it was a lot of fun eating out and seeing what the college life was all about. I got to meet the friends Wesley has made so far, and I can say it was truly a lot of fun. giphy-3

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