Those Times my Family takes Weird Pictures…

This couple of weeks has definitely been a busy one. I visited the school I want to go to and took a tour of the art building there. It was a ton of fun and now I’d like to major in every kind of art out there. Unfortunately my mother says that I can only choose two.

Besides that disappointment, I got to see what it would be like schedule wise for myself next year and also what it would look like in the long run of college life for me. I’m hoping to be very prepared for college next year, fingers crossed.

While we were out we stayed at this farm house and had the opportunity to take a lot of fun pictures and also edit some together with some weird photoshop tricks. Here are a few to share with you!

Wes and GracieEDIT Wes and Gracie 4 Wes and Gracie 3EDITS Multi Gracie and Mollie EDITS More places than one Mollie and Gracie 2 EDITS Mollie holds gracie to high stature Mollie and Gracie 2 EDIT  Family EDITS Ellie EDITS DSC06320 copy CROSS EDIT


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