Let’s Just Say, I’m Having Mixed Emotions…

Yesterday, I got the letter that told me I was accepted into the college that I am planning on attending this next fall. It was very exciting, but also incredibly scary. I just can’t believe I’m at this place in my life.

I filled out the housing information today and it started out really great. I filled out the information. I paid the fee. I got it all set up. I printed the receipt. I leaned back in my chair. That’s when it hit me…

I do not want to go to college. I don’t want to grow up and leave the security of my home and family. So naturally, I looked at my mother and said…


And I cried.

Naturally, my mother joined me and we had this really great Lorelei and Rory moment (From that amazingly addicting show “Gilmore Girls”).


We both cried for a few minutes and then my mother explained to me that, although I did not want to go through the huge life change of leaving home and going to college… I was going to have to anyways. She said, “Once you get there you’ll enjoy it. You’ll love it.”

I know I will, but part of me doesn’t want me too enjoy it. Part of me wants to just stay home and everything stay just how it is in the moment.

Well, except my math class. I’d like everything I have at this moment to stay the same except that math class. 😉

Unfortunately, I can officially say that, despite what I always thought… college is going to be much harder and way more emotional than I originally expected.

I can’t help but wonder, if I’m already crying now, how much more crying will I do in the future?

Probably quite a bit.


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