That Thing that Happened Last Week

Thanksgiving was a  blast this year. I did a whole lot so to sum up the week I have put together a list of the top 10 things I did!

  1. I headed up to Dallas with my family, to spend the week, with extended family. As usual, we made memories, cooked, ate food, and blew up air mattresses.tumblr_ml04q2c0ID1rf5vsao1_500
  2. I finished my 50,000 word count goal on a manuscript… actually, to be exact it was really over 51,ooo. So, you know, I pretty impressed with myself and so relieved that it’s over. Now onto the editing…tumblr_m9010sXDqf1qdhag9o1_500
  3. My Aunt made her amazing Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. It’s like heaven.tumblr_n40tg80CWj1qmz4rgo2_r1_500
  4. My sister, Mollie, and I watched NCIS: LA. It’s a tradition. Every time we go to my grandmothers we binge watch it. No joke. Every. Single. Time. We live for it.tumblr_noyrjqAoMl1s7j2lvo1_250
  5. At the Thanksgiving meal we passed around a paper with the the alphabet on it and found something to be thankful that started with each letter. Mollie was thankful for herself. How original. We made her change it.e88625c291a1f94f_new_girl.xxxlarge
  6. There was DEFINITELY not enough Green Bean Casserole. Every year I hide the extras so that I can finish it and someone else doesn’t eat them (I don’t even care how selfish that is of me). This year was a disappointment because tragically there was none to hide.xlarge_24099
  7. I bought all of my Christmas gifts for this year. Yes. I am way ahead of schedule on gifts, but I am so happy that all I have left to do is the wrappingchristmas-tree-gifts-400x300
  8. My car’s heater went out. This is actually quite unfortunate. It is freezing. My sister and I have bundled up every morning doing our best to stay warmJXkxrSA
  9. Mollie and I decorated for Christmas. Well… actually, we aren’t done yet, but were super close. I’m just dragging my feet on putting those nativities up.tumblr_mensg5aGGs1rsy904o4_250
  10. Finally, I brought my Pre-cal grade up. So yay. I’m back to being able to graduate again ;). I accomplished this by taking two weeks to correct a test and the teacher sighing and saying, “You took so long to correct this. I am just going to give you a 70 and don’t worry about retaking the test.” Definitely welcome words in my mind, because even after taking all that time to correct the test… I still had no clue what I was doing.giphy

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