A Little Bit of Ecuador

CD Plate

This festive week before Christmas, I have been working like a crazy person to put together a video for the Mission trip I took to Ecuador this last summer. I had a blast and enjoyed my time there so much with the people. The video is way to long to watch but I have a few bits to share with you…

First is the Mountain Girls we met at Camp Chacauco:

At the little talent show they had at the end of the camp these girls did one of their cultural dances for everyone. This was probably one of my favorite things I got to see while I was there.


The next thing was also at the talent show but it’s just so much fun to watch this guy play the guitar and sing…

Don’t ask me why he is wearing a mask… I truly have no idea why.


At one point we went into the city once we got into the jungle. While we were walking through we were introduced to these little guys…

They were adorable but are definitely the worst pick pockets around that area.  The monkeys just live and hang out there.


When we first arrived in Quito we went down to the Equator.



All of us that went took a ton of photos and enjoyed being on two sides of the world at once. The thing about this that always gets me is that you would expect it to be very hot here. It was actually super nice weather but I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t get sunburned.

We had 2 bonfires while we were there. One with the mountain kids and another with the Jungle kids.

DSC03939Pretty much, the only song we sang around the fire was “Guayusa”. This is a tea they have in Ecuador. You can hear them singing “guayusa” in the song for the chorus but the rest is basically freestyle verses all song to the same tune. That was probably one of my favorite things too.

This photo was taken on a motor canoe as we were headed back from a trip to an outdoor museum.


Ecuador was an amazing experience. It was the first time and it was the second time. You get just as much from it as the people you are helping. It’s so much work but the work is so worth it.

While I was there I was put in charge of helping kids put sheets on their beds as they arrived. I got to talk with them in the very little Spanish that I knew and by the end of the first 4 days as they all went home it was heartbreaking to have to say goodbye. All the girls were crying and the little boys would come up and give you big hugs. It makes me so happy to know that you’ve helped bring something to all those kids lives.

Many kids came to know Jesus that week and it was so exciting to see hope put into all those sweet little eyes.

I can’t wait to see what God has in store next year if I go again!


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