365 Days of Simply Gracie Girl.

Yesterday… I moved into college.

Today… I bought myself some chocolate ice-cream. And let me just tell you, it was worth every calorie. We’ll just call it a holiday and consider it justified because today is the first year anniversary of this blog. Yes. I know. Exciting.

I didn’t expect it to be where it is today. Not in the sense of popularity, but in the sense of content.

I started this blog as a means to let my family know what I was up to and to work on my writing skills. But it has turned into something more. About halfway through the year God placed I Don’t Want To Be Like Joshua on my heart. I remember writing it and not actually planning on putting it on my blog. It was way to personal. Unfortunately, something pushed me to do it anyways.

  • Maybe it was God telling me that He didn’t make me to leave people at arm’s length.
  • Maybe it was God telling me that when you share your heart you have a much better chance at reaching other people’s hearts.

From that point on, my blog became more of a way to let people know what God was doing in my life. I found that the more I put the posts out there, the more receptive people seemed to be. I realized that often times what people really want to read and what people really want to watch are the real things of life. The things we relate too. The authentic.

No one wants to read about someone whose life is perfect and nothing bad ever happens to them. First of all, that’s a super boring plot. Secondly, it’s not relatable. It’s not true to us as human beings. In fact, a book like that would irritate me. Like, who does this character think he is? Better than me?


That is exactly what I didn’t/don’t want people to get from my blog or for that matter… from me in person. I’m no better than a serial killer in God’s eyes. I should go to hell. But I’m not because of grace. Because of Jesus.

I think it’s the most mind-blowing thing we can ever encounter. I am just as bad as any serial killer out there, but I can still go to heaven. It is something I like to live by and something I hope my blog reflects.

I may be saved, but that doesn’t make me perfect. All I can do is be the best person God made me to be.

And so here I am today…

Thankful for my readers.


And with a blog about Jesus.

So… Happy first anniversary to Simply Gracie Girl.


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