Tucked in the Background, Changing the World.


I was at a light festival when I was shocked to find the greatest story every told tucked in the back. No signs told me it was there. I stumbled upon it by accident. A small live nativity was displayed and by the time I got there no actors were present.

At first, all I could think about was what an injustice it was, that it was almost nonexistent in all the hustle and bustle. The birth of Jesus should be displayed in the very middle of all the lights, rides, and people.

But, the more I thought about it, the more I saw the irony. While all of us were running around riding the coaster of life, Jesus silently came into the world. Invisible. Almost nonexistent to anyone, except a few shepherds and sheep.


I love stories, but I’ve come to see that it’s not about what happens to the person that makes them great. It’s their purpose. Jesus has the most celebrated birthday in the world.

A birthday that we don’t really even know the true date of.

We celebrate because the greatest story ever told is about a baby born to save the world. It’s so simple that even a 3 year old can understand.


My little sister, in her long 5 years of wisdom, told me that Christmas isn’t about the Christmas Tree and the presents. She told me that if the grinch decided to come to our house tonight and steal all of our presents it would be okay. It would be okay because it’s about baby Jesus. Not the Christmas tree.

After this tiny sermon, she burst into song about the christmas tree.

As cute as Ellie is, she was also right. If God stripped everything away from me it would be okay because God is not about the material things. God isn’t worried about how much I’ve read my bible. God isn’t worried about how many sins I’ve committed. God’s not worried about my weight, how much money I have, or the color of my hair.

He’s worried about our hearts. His purpose was to save us, but we have to give Him our hearts to do that.

It’s so easy and simple that a 3 year can do it.

Why do we make it so hard? Why do we let all the distractions get in the way?

I don’t know the answer, but I do know this: Many times my heart wavers and I look away from God. Just as many times, I turn my eyes back and search for where He went in my absence.

I always find him in the same place: Doing world changing things, tucked in the background, where I’d least expect.





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