Gracie Moments.

I have this very real problem. Something I call Gracie Moments. I thought I would take some time out of my day and share my best 3, in honor of making it halfway through the semester.

1.) This past January, I was going through immigration in South America. I was super nervous because we could only tell immigration that  we were there for tourist purposes (Not to share the gospel). 

We had been grilled on why we were there and where we were staying. It got to be my turn to to be questioned and I walked into the booth. A man–in uniform–with cold eyes was there to greet me.

In Spanish.

I just stared at him—not understanding a word.

Then, just as any good American would… I told him, in Spanish, that I didn’t speak English.

He laughed way to hard, stamped my passport, and that is the story of how I got into Latin America.



2.) My roommate took a very embarrassing fall down some stairs several weeks ago. She twisted her ankle so badly that she needed a boot to get around. When she came into the room after this, I told her that I was so excited to be able to make of fun of her.

And I have… for the past three weeks.

But, I got really into this show called Private Practice. 

It was such a good show that I thought it would be a great idea to walk down the stairs… while watching it on my phone.

I got down one stairway.

I got down the second stairway… Well, except for that one last step. As it turns out, it was a very important step because I went down like a sack of rocks.

As of now, I have a swollen ankle and a roommate who loves me enough to make fun of me… for the rest of my life.


3.)  A couple months ago, I got up around 6am to get some work done.

I forced myself out of bed.

I got myself some coffee and dragged my blanket and computer down the hall to the study room.

When I got there, the room was dark. The lights off and no sun to shine through…

These were the reasons I did not initially see the full grown man sitting against the wall on his phone.

He looked at me. I looked at him.

Natural reflex kicked in and I started screaming.

I couldn’t stop it. In my head, I kept saying, “Gracie, stop screaming. He’s not even doing anything.” 

And yet… there I was, still screaming.

Meanwhile, this poor fellow jumped up apologizing over and over again trying to get me to stop screaming.

It didn’t really work though. I’m pretty sure I screamed for another good 5 seconds.

I choked out the words, “It’s okay, I’m fine, totally fine.”

I then ask—in the most awkward way possible—if it was okay to stay and work on my homework.

This would have been fine, except for this new habit I’ve developed. Whenever I get freaked out my hands begin to shake.

This made the homework real difficult.

So we sat there. In the dark.

Him on the floor.

Me sitting in a chair with shaking hands and struggling to type because I can’t pull myself together.

This went on for an hour until he got up and left… thank heavens.




Psalms 126:2 Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy; then they said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.”


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