What If I Am Never Good Enough?

Do I look good enough?

Do I act good enough? 

Do my friends think I’m good enough?

Do my parents think I’m good enough?

Does “insert persons name” think I’m good enough?

Does God think I’m good enough? 

There are too many times these questions pass through my heart and mind. These hard questions have a rippling affect on my mind.

Lately, it has reached my passions. I look around in comparison at other people.

Her art is so much better than mine. Her writing is so beautiful. These thoughts inevitably lead to these questions…

Am I a good enough artist? Am I a good enough writer?

If I’m not good enough in the things I believe God has given me passions for, what am I?

Even worse, what if I am never good enough?

Then, I started reading the Psalms. Can we all sit down, drink a cup of tea, and discuss how horribly David was not good enough. How inadequate he knew he was. How terrible his mistakes were.

I start reading these Psalms and I’m staring into the soul of a man who simply knew he wasn’t good enough.

But God was. God is. God always will be.

The world around me tells me I am good enough. I can do anything I set my mind too.

The truth is that I can’t. The truth is I’m a failure just like David, Abraham, Matthew, Peter, and so many more.

But, I’m a failure who has worth in her Father’s eyes.

I wasn’t good enough and that’s why I needed a Savior. In my every weakness, in my every fault, in my every moment of not feeling good enough, God is there.

  • He makes me strong in my weakness.
  • He redeems my faults.
  • He enters into my life where I am not good enough, and makes me whole.

Maybe you feel like me sometimes, lost in a world of comparison feeling as if you don’t measure up. Let us rest in the fact that we get to serve a God who wants us, despite all the places we fall short.

Psalm 16:2 – I said to the Lord, “You are my God, apart from you, I am nothing good.”


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