Gracie Moments Vol. II

To end this grand year of 2017, I thought I would share some more Gracie Moments.

Embarrassing moments seem to just be a part of my every day life, of course, I now must share them with you!

Here are my 3 most embarrassing stories since Gracie Moment Volume I:

1.) The dress that didn’t like to stay down. 

I wore a dress to class the other day that had two layers of fabric.

The top layer is a fabric you can see straight through and the bottom layer is a thick fabric that would keep people from being able to see through the dress to my skin.

The problem with this dress is that my backpack pulled just the bottom layer of the dress up my back as I was walking.

The second problem was that I didn’t notice until I was on the bus surrounded by people.

2.) The elegant text with a crude meaning. 

For weeks, I’d been staring at this beautiful calligraphy sign. So elegant in craft but in Spanish with words I could not guess at all.

“¿que es un pedo?”

It stared at me every day asking a question I couldn’t answer because I had no idea what it said. What could it be? Was it important?

One day I couldn’t take it anymore. I came into class, I pulled my laptop out, and I pulled up google translate and typed in the Spanish words.

They came up immediately.

“What is a fart?”

Footsteps stopped behind me. I turned around as I grasped the top of my laptop and pulled it down meeting my professors eyes.

She held mine. I held hers.

She gave a curt nod, and continued to make her way around the room while a small piece of my soul died.

3.) The accidentally flirting with men 10x my age. 

My sister (Mollie) and I were headed to pick up family from a property where they were hunting. We arrived and I took my car down a long road (not exactly sure where I was) toward the gate.

We didn’t know where our family was and there was no phone service to call them.

We pulled into the gate, and thankfully about a mile down the long road, a group of the male species were gathered around a bunch of dead goats and whatever. They were skinning and butchering animals and drinking beer. In other words, they were being Texan.

Anyways, I pulled right into their little man circle and put the car in park. I got out to ask if they happened to know where my family was.

“No” was the overall halfhearted response. I shrugged, thanked them and got back in my car.

As I turned around to make sure I didn’t back off a cliff, someone was laying on their horn.

I slammed on the brakes and spun back around looking for the person who would be so irritating and rude.

It stopped when my hand came off the wheel and I made eye contact with all twenty grinning men standing outside of my car.

A few winked.

More waved flirtatiously.

It dawned on me that (again) I had accidentally laid on my horn while turning around to back up.

This time, instead of a car passing by, I’d been surrounded by men who thought I was flirting with them base on their response.

And I sped off down the road hoping to get FAR away from whatever opinion those men had of me and what I thought about them.


For Christmas me and my little sister (Ellie) decided to make some homemade dog treats. We bought dog bone cookie cutters and everything. We took the afternoon to whip them up and we had been letting them cool down when my boyfriend Wesley showed up.

The first thing he sees are these dog treats.

“Are those cookies?” He asked.

I stared at him for a moment. I don’t know why, it wasn’t like I was going to lie. I was raised to tell the truth. I mean, they were technically cookies.

“Well… yes. They are.” I make a slow turn toward him from the chair I sat in. He picked up one of the treats and sniffed it.

“They look good. Are you going to put icing on them?” He took a bite. He wrinkled his nose. There was no way he was enjoying that. 

“No. No icing.” My eyes widened as he raised the treat back up to his mouth again.

“Interesting.” He took another big bite. No. He wouldn’t eat the entire thing. Right? He is smart. The boy I am dating is smart. Yet, here he was, eating dog food. 

Obviously, I’ve chosen a keeper.

I couldn’t hide my smile. I turned away as my dad walked into the kitchen. He looked down at the dog treat in his hand. His eyes grew wide. His eyes came down on my grinning face.

“You didn’t…” He looked back at Wesley. “Are those good?”

“I mean, not really.” Wesley shrugged and took another bite. More than half the treat was gone at this point.

“You know that is a dog treat, right?” my dad grinned at Wesley.

Wesley threw the treat back onto the counter.

“You fed me dog food?!” His jaw was no longer attached to his face and had dropped to the ground.

“You asked if it was a cookie! And it is!” I had no other defense.


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