The Match To The Flame.

The things that make us most passionate start with the match of inspiration that engulfs into a flame, and burns within us to make us want to do something amazing, something that will change the world for the better. Inspiration is the fuel to fan the flame of the passion inside of us. 

I know for myself, as a writer, that often times my flame of inspiration dies and I lose focus.

How do you get back on track, how do you keep that flame going?

I am so glad you asked:)

I thought it would be fun to just mention a few fun things that fan the flames of my inspiration.

1.) A Good Movie. Nothing gets me going like a good heartwarming, life-changing movie. For instance, I just watched, The Greatest Showman, and let me tell you I laughed, I cried, and I got inspired.I wanted to do something that made people think just as the movie made me think, I wanted to write something that stayed with people just like that movie has stayed with me. It planted seeds of ideas into my mind that I can’t wait to indulge in!


2.) Music. Now for writing, it has to be the right kind of music.There is just something about a violin that makes my heart weep and my head spin with ideas about a heartwrenching story I could come up with. I know that sounds sad, but sometimes you just want to read a good sob-worthy book and cry. No? Just me? Okay.


3.) A Story. Okay as a writer, I love to hear true stories about amazing events. Such as the story about Ester, or the story about The Alamo, and that one story about the sacrifice of soldiers for a country they loved. It puts hope into my heart, hope that I want to weave into a story that might inspire others.


4.) A Special Person. Everyone has that someone in their life that makes them want to do something to make that special person proud. There are many people in my life that inspire a story in my head, to capture their life in a character and turn it into a story, so that others can be impacted by that person just like I was. My parents inspire me, my grandparents, friends, and siblings, and a stranger who I met in the Nursing Home that fought during WWII and shared his story with me.


5.) My Savior. My biggest inspiration is the man who died for me, who gave his life so that I could live with Him in Heaven forever. He is the one that keeps me going when everything else fails, He is the one that not only puts the ideas of a story into my head but helps me carry them through and make them into a book. He is the one I lean on in hard times, the one I praise during the good. I wouldn’t be who I am without Him. He is my greatest passion, my biggest inspiration.


Maybe some of those things inspire you too, and you might have some others you could add to the list. I hope if anything, I was able to bless you somehow, someway. We can’t ever be truly inspired unless we have the greatest inspiration as Lord in our life.

God Bless!

~Madison Suzanne

They're always Hi! My name is Kat Boldt! I_m a senior in High school and am a small-time blogger, photographer, and artist. I enjoy acting and theater. My whole life I have dealt with


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