A Left-Handed Guide For Right-Handed People.

This post is dedicated to those who find themselves right handed. 

Before we get into this post…

I just think you should know, I did some research for this post and the top question about left handed people was: Do lefty’s have a shorter lifespan than right handed people?


Um. Okay. I was legitimately worried for my life. So I researched a little farther.

Sigh of relief, because, this is what I found…

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 4.39.23 PM

Now that we’ve cleared this problem up, let me give you a few tips on what not to say in a conversation with a lefty.

1.) Here is a little conversation every leftie encounters…

Right-Handed Person (says while lefty is writing): Wow! Are you left handed?

Left-Handed Person: Yes.

Right-Handed Person: That is so cool! You know, my sister’s boyfriend’s mother’s sister’s dog is left handed too!


No. Just don’t say this. RESIST THE URGE.


Well, I’m sorry to break it to you, but your lefty friend does not care if your sister’s boyfriend’s mother’s sister’s dog is left handed.

That’s just pure fact.

This same conversation leads to my next point…

2.) Don’t ask a lefty if they are left handed while they use their left hand. 

First, because no one randomly starts writing with their left hand. That’s weird.

Second, because now you’ve made the lefty uncomfortable. Not only did you ask if they were a lefty, but you probably also stared intensely at their hands and asked a follow up question/comment like:

  • How do you write like that?
  •  I heard once that lefty’s were super creative.f10c507c08f6b430dbad7333eb2c531c871e0a6039851d54ee81f1a9d6a1ffe0

If you want a chance to be friends with this lefty, once again, RESIST THE URGE with these questions.

3.) Another small conversation…

Right-Handed Person: You’re doing that backwards.

Left-Handed Person: No, I’m–

Right-Handed Person:  Oh. You’re a lefty. That explains so much.



That is all I have to say about that.

4.) Last, but not least…

Right-Handed Person: Left-handed should really be wrong-handed. (words proceeded by an obnoxious laugh and wink.)

That joke is hilarious. Every. Single. Time. 

Last time this remark was made, I rolled my eyes so hard they got stuck in the back of my head.

Just avoid this joke. It’s only funny if you’re right-handed.



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