Blogger Block and Blunders.

Lately, I’ve been in a blog rut. So, I had this brainstorming session with myself.

Me: Self, you should start scheduling blog posts. Then you HAVE to write them and finish them.


And I did. Kind of.

I scheduled a bunch of posts, forgot to write them, and they published for the world to see. So, let me explain and apologize for this inconvenience.

Many of you were confused two weeks ago when I deleted a post that only had a title. Nothing else. Thank you for all the comments you left letting me know that my link didn’t work after I deleted it. If I’m being honest, I also forgot I had followers via email.


This means, you automatically get an email when I publish post, whether they have been written or not.

The second thing I have to apologize for is the last weeks post. In my head, I just kept cracking myself up.

Me: Self, wouldn’t it be hilarious, if you got to heaven, and Eve told you the fruit she ate (leading us all to sin and chaos and a horribly broken world we all know and love) was a blueberry?

So, I wrote this short story over it and forgot it was actually a scheduled post as well. And I had this dilemma.

  • Do I delete a second post that has been sent out to a list of readers? 
  • OR do I just bare the embarrassment of posting a ridiculous story never even edited? 

In case you didn’t get the email (which you should sign up for at the bottom of this page if you don’t) I didn’t delete it. In fact, I just added a picture and a title to it, and called it good. Why? Because it just seemed like the thing to do.



I’m sorry if you had to waste your time reading that, but still cracking myself up over the initial idea.

And overall, my idea did not work. Still enduring some Blogger Block. Don’t judge. It’s a real thing. It’s like painting. You can have all the tools and still have no idea what to paint. There are so many options and one of them excludes just eating pancakes with lots of whip cream. Unfortunately, my choices generally lean in the direction of the whipped cream. (UNRELATED SIDE NOTE: If you have anything you want me to write about, please suggest in the comments below. They are always taken into consideration.) 


I’ll share a few embarrassing moments. They are small and short, but maybe you’ll enjoy it ;).

  1. I host a small group at my house. One of the leaders asked for a drink of water.
    • Me: *Hands him a plate* 
    • Him: I mean, if you want me to drink out of this, I will. It’s just not something I usually do. tenor.gif
  2. In class, we were working on website designs. We had to code them which involves math (my only weakness).
    • Me: *Goes in for help after class*
    • Professor: All of your math is wrong. Did you use a calculator for any of this?
    • Me: Yes. But clearly, the less embarrassing answer is no, so let’s go with that. giphy-4.gif
  3. Last week, I learned that “jurassic” and “drastic” are two different words. Like, I’ve been saying them as if they were the same words and had the same meaning, just with different spellings. I’ve been saying “Drastic Park” for years now.


Thank you for reading!  Until next week,

Simply Gracie

P.S. Have a fabulous Easter :).


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