San Antonio | Unraveled Plans Turned Adventure

The adventure started a few days before my family arrived, about the time I remembered they were coming and had to throw together a day worth of outings for the girls of my family.

A trip to San Antonio, to tour an old Spanish Governor’s palace and some old houses in the King William District, plus eat lunch at The Guenther House. No problem.

Big problem.

We arrived in San Antonio, and we arrived with literally the rest of world for a fiesta called “The Battle of the Flowers”. A fiesta I, apparently, missed the memo about.


Hello, expensive and almost nonexistent parking.


Hello, crowds of people you can’t push your way through.


Our first adventure was a bust. They had closed the Spanish Governor’s palace for the oncoming parade, and afraid we might get stuck, we move on to the Guenther House for lunch.

We drove off to another part of San Antonio closer to where we wanted to be. My littlest sister was getting to a special level of obnoxious. We decided the day might go better if we got rid of her, so we paid for parking by selling her as full payment for parking. Apparently, a small child wasn’t enough, so we paid another $10,  and headed over to lunch.


Lunch was an 1 hour and 20 minute wait. We took some pictures and toured the house above the restaurant.


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We checked the time.

Still, another hour and 19 minutes left.

Luckily for us, every time Ellie gets a chick-fil-a meal, my mother saves the toy in her purse. Turns out, Chick-fil-a hands out a lot of games you can play anywhere.

What a life-saver.

For the next hour and a half we went around in circles of game questions.

  • Me: HAHA This is a stupid question. ‘Where was your mother born?’ Who doesn’t know this?
  • Mom: Okay, where was I born?
  • Me: Oh. Wait. Ohio?
  • Mollie: Kentucky?
  • Mom: Seriously. You’re father was born in Ohio. 

About 10 minutes…

  • Mom: Corpus Christi. I was born in Corpus Christi, you two dorks.  

In this time, we all got to know each other on another level when Mollie and I engaged in a conversation going something like this:

  • Mollie: I’ve realized I block out annoying people incredibly well.
  • Me: Same! I tune out the things I don’t want to hear. 
  • Mollie: The only person I can’t block out is Ellie.
  • Me: For me, it’s you.

About this time, our buzzer went off to be seated in the restaurant. We were led into the building and seated in the back. Our waiter asked for our drink orders.

During this time, we had all taken our eyes off of Ellie who was quietly (this should have been our first clue to be paying attention to her) playing with the items on the table.

And as soon as the waiter left, she dropped the glass pepper shaker to the ground.

It promptly shattered everywhere. And by everywhere, I mean they were sweeping up pepper and glass beneath the feet of people across the restaurant and Mollie is still sneezing as you’re reading this.

But The Guenther House was great, they accepted our loud laughter, pepper dropping, and indecisively ordering family in perfect grace. Plus, the food was well worth the 1 hour and 20 minute wait.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next, we headed to tour a house standing right in the middle of the fiesta. Also, it turned out we’d have to pay just to get on the street.

We didn’t want to do that.

So, we started to walk around the area. Maybe, we could find a little bridge and cross over to where we wanted to go.

Mollie and I walked ahead making a beeline for the bridge. Remember earlier how we tune out irritating people and things?

This probably explains why we didn’t hear the cop yelling at us not to enter the bridge area.

It took my mother running with Ellie to grab us and get our attention. Apparently, this blessing might also be a curse.


We’re just thankful it was my mother who grabbed us and not the law. Imagine that conversation.

  • Officer: Why didn’t you stop?
  • Mollie & I: Officer, we couldn’t hear you. 
  • Mom: It’s true. They never hear anything I say either. 

Either way, we didn’t get to tour the house, but the drive home was just as adventurous.

All we wanted to do was get to a Starbucks.

Sometimes, when I’m driving I get this thing I like to call “Too Stressed to Change Lanes Driving Anxiety”. Basically, it consists of you driving down the feeder road with you GPS recalculating and everyone yelling at you to make a u-turn.

This happened and it ended in me finally pulling over in a parking lot demanding to see the GPS (which had just stopped recalculating at that point). I swiped through the directions and figured out where we wanted to go.

Just as I pulled out, we realized we’d been sitting in the parking lot of a Starbucks.


I whipped the car back into the next parking lot hoping we could get back into the Starbucks lot.

Nope. We walked. *Sigh* But it was worth it.

We returned home without being arrested or trampled by a crowd and time well spent with each other.

What more can you ask for in an adventure? 😉




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