Pecan Pies, Swans, & A Little Bit Of Georgia

It’s 4:30am.

  • Alarm goes off
  • Groans
  • Rolls onto the floor
  • Crawls to the bathroom

Why did I take the flight leaving at 6:45am in the morning? Clearly, I wasn’t thinking straight.

Nonetheless, I pull my jeans and t-shirt on and head out the door to go find the man who is supposed to be taking me to the airport.

A man—who I won’t name, but I am dating him—who isn’t the most reliable person in getting up at 4:30am to take you to the airport… but then again, who is?

This is why, I confiscated his keys the night before, if he didn’t wake up in time, I could sneak inside and wake him up if it were necessary. This was a wise decision since he claims, “None of his alarms went off.”


Still, we were running right on time. How unusual. SIDNOTE, I haven’t been diagnosed yet, but I’m pretty sure I suffer from “I promise I tried to get there on time, but you wouldn’t believe what happened…” Syndrome.

This is why, even when I’m running on time, I should know, I’m actually running late. I just don’t know it yet.

And so, it was, 45 minutes later we arrived at the airport with an hour to spare and a completely packed airport—which I had NEVER seen so incredibly full before.

I waited in line to check in, I waited in a line long throughout the airport to go through security. It was about this time I realized the plane boarding at 6:15.

It was 6:25 by the time I went through security.


At this point, every nightmare I’ve ever dreamed seems to be within my grasps. I could actually miss this flight.

I make it to the end of the line and I’m about to walk through the detector when a security guard stops me.

  • Officer: How old are you?
  • Me: 20.
  • Officer: Yes, you’re going to need to take your shoes off.

What did my age have anything to do with that? Also. How on earth did I forget to take my shoes off?


I threw my shoes in a bin and walked through the detector praying I wore nothing that would set it off and grabbed my things.

  • Overhead speaker: Last call for Austin to Atlanta Flight.

I start running, reach the gate, and threw my ticket at the man to make it onto the plane.

Two and a half hours later, I made it to Atlanta, Georgia. The land of peaches and beautiful rolling hills and mountains.


The only difference from Texas is we get our peaches elsewhere and have a few rolling hills covered in dead grass.

The first thing we decided to do upon arrival was go to Mercier Orchards.

SIDENOTE: “We” is my writer friend Madison and her sweet sisters.

While we shopped around the orchard’s store there was some samples of pie.

  • Me: Awe, I love pecan pie.
  • Madison’s 3 sisters: PeCAN not PeCON, Gracie.
  • Me: *Takes the pie sample*
  • Me: *Takes a bite*
  • Me: Oh yes, this is a fantastic PeCON pie.

And off we went to the orchard. Well. Kind of.

We stood at the edge of the orchard, took some pictures, and looked out over it all from the top of a hill because no one wants to walk the hundred acres of land in 90-degree weather.


Afterwards, we headed into Blue Ridge. An adorable town of mountains and cupcakes which were fantastic.

The next day, Madison and I headed back to Atlanta to eat at the Swan House with another writer friend, Donna.

Due to “I promise I tried to get there on time, but you wouldn’t believe what happened…” Syndrome. We showed up 45 minutes late. Luckily for us, Donna has the same syndrome and arrived around the same time.

I took a risk and ordered tacos despite the law never to order tacos outside of Texas. But they were shrimp tacos.

Shrimp tacos with avocado, which we all know I can’t turn down avocado. My only weakness and what a curse it is ;).

Nonetheless, it was the best shrimp taco with avocado I’ve ever had.

Next, we headed over the to tour the Swan House.

Holy Moly.


First of all, I’m excited to say, Madison, Donna, and I have all now walked where the Star’s of The Hunger Game have walked. Quite frankly, I have no intention of ever washing my shoes or feet again. I can’t risk washing off Liam Hemsworth or Jennifer Lawrence’s germs.

Secondly, I’m in awe of the bathrooms. This is a little inconvenient because now have to go home and complain to my apartment.

Why? Because the slaves of this house had a bathroom ten times nicer than the one I overpay for now.

Check out the pictures below:

The rest of the visit included rewatching The Hunger Games and plotting out our next novels and novellas.

I also had a few new foods. Grits were one of them. I don’t know how I got to be 20 years old and never try grits. After this, Madison’s family started to ask more question about Texas and our “ways”. I got to introduce a few of them some new concepts.

A few examples of the Texas World I introduced them too:

  • Ranches | You know, find of like a farm, but not really.
  • Longhorns | No, there is no such thing as a female Longhorn.
  • Whataburger | No, this is not a stereotype about Texas. We really do have an obsession with it.

Oh yeah, and I played the “Who Can Hold Their Breath the Longest?” Contest.

Not to brag, but I kind of killed it.  Can we all just take a moment of silence for the Madison’s brothers who eventually gave up in trying to outdo me in a breathing contest?


Or not, because they did gain back some dignity when I lost BIG TIME in a “Who Can Go the Longest Without Blinking?” Contest. Apparently, I have more than one weakness.

With that and a few blinks later, I found myself back at the airport with a ticket back to Texas.

I returned a few pounds heavier, a bag packed to the brim, and somewhat of a random Georgian Accent. *sigh*

I’d clearly been away from Texas a little too long, but not to worry, when I’ve lost those extra pounds and gained back my Texas accent, I’ll be back for another adventure.


  • Wanna check out Madison’s blog? Click here!

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